Priority on valuing Trust

'A company of Trust' was the motto of HANHO from since its foundation on January 1, 1984.  To keep this vision, HANHO had never stopped its challenges and adventure throughout the decades.  With the effort of bringing better animation to the children all over the world, HANHO had been entitled on producing more than 1,400 shows.  This acknowledgeable history stands HANHO as one of the outstanding global animation studios in the world.  

On achieving valuable changes with enriching grows, the passion of HANHO toward creativity gave birth to an animation titled 'The Flying Superboard'.  This animation series achieved the highest audience rate ever in Korean animation history and still is one of most beloved characters nationwide.  This passion is still breathing strong in the heart of HANHO and seeks on giving birth to new animation for all and every ages to appreciate. 

A new challenge for HANHO had begun on 2002, by establishing a toy distribution brand named 'OEOE TOY' which will lead to a new era of total entertainment business.  For the only purpose of providing better things to our children, HANHO will keep all heart on its journey to the new world of entertainment.   

It had been a privilege to receive such wonderful supports that are far too thankful to let HANHO walk the path toward its dream throughout the decades. 

Creating contents that brings dream and hope to children and families of all ages will never be a preference for HANHO.  This is a part of responsible duty for everyone in HANHO that had been given such grateful support throughout the years.  

Your faithful regard had keep HANHO to become a better company every year, and HANHO promises you its best to upkeep the credit entitled; 'A company of trust.' 

Thank you.