MAJOR STUDIO with Responsibility
Trusted animation studio with pride for its history of 35 years.
Throughout the productions in the domestic and oversea for the last 35 years, HANHO has settled its position as the MAJOR STUDIO in Korea.
HANHO will keep its effort to fulfill its trusties and title it has owned as the most representing oversea production partner, the center of the domestic animation business.

Challenge and Creativity
A company who welcome the passion of challenge and spirit of the youth.
HANHO has created Korea representative characters through the challenge on developing domestic animation called 'The Flying Superboard'.
Also, HANHO is putting a lot of effort to create and develop various new contents in the new business area, Game and Toy.
HANHO, with and open mind, will keep challenging with creativity to the future of its business.

The belief in Animation Contents
A company which design its future based on Animation Contents
HANHO could settle as the MAJOR STUDIO due to the belief it had toward the animation for the last 35 years.
HANHO believes that animation could bring into reality the beautiful dream that everyone imagine.
HANHO will deign its future based on this fact and will always walk the path with you, together.