1984.01 Company Establishment
1986.07 Mr. Seok-Ki, KIM takes office as President
1986.09 Company capital increased to 100% (100 million to 200 million)
1988.05 Korean animation aired on KBS (The Flying Superboard)
1992.05 Copyright business license obtained
1994.03 Commercial & Culture Movie Business registration obtained
1995.05 Video Manufacturing Business registration obtained
1997.06 Establishment of DIGITAL Production Department and the introduction of ANIMO, TOONS, US ANIMATION System
2000.02 Company capital increase (200 million to 3.5 billion)
2000.04 Company building transferred to Seoul Kangnam-Ku Samsung-dong
2002.10     Establishment of Toy Department
2011.08   Establishment of Paperless Production by Toonboom HARMONY
2015.06   Company building transferred to Seoul Geumcheon-gu Gasan dong

1990.01.01'Promising exporting firm' nominated from the Korea Foreign Trade Association
1992.11.30 Letter of Commendation awarded from Korean Government
1997.11.30 Letter of Commendation awarded from the President of Korea
2004.12.13   'Recognition of Service' medal awarded from 04' Korea Manhwa, Animation, Character Award
2005.08.03   SICAF development contribution appreciation plague from the mayor of Seoul
2005.12.22   Elected as Director SBA(Seoul Business Agency)
2006.11.23   Elected as Chairman SICAF(Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival